Tourist shelters:

  • Diana
  • Spirlea
  • Vf. Ascutit (Carol Lehman)
  • Saua Grindului
  • Saua Funduri
  • Grind                                                                                                                                           

The mountain shelters are to be used only for survival, during the night or in case of emergencies due to health problems or bad weather conditions, that render further hiking hazardous. Tourists are allowed to spend one night at the shelters; if the weather conditions do not allow tourists to continue their journey the following morning, the stay may be extended until it will be safe to continue their hike.

Visitors have to clear the shelters at the request of the Park Administration personnel or of other individuals authorised by the PCNPA, if the facilities are used for other purposes than the ones previously mentioned.

It is strictly forbidden to make fires at the shelters located on the ridge; instead all visitors should use Primus type gas stoves. As for the other shelters located elsewhere, fires may be built only in the specially designed fireplaces found on the spot.

Please do not deteriorate the shelters!
Please close the shelter doors, otherwise they may be affected by wind!
Please do not leave any waste at the shelters!
It is strictly forbidden to build fires at the shelters located on the ridge!


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