Visiting rules

  Piatra Craiului National Park Functioning and Organisation Rules
  • GET INFORMATION! Study the Piatra Craiului National Park Tourist Map!
  • Choose the trail that best fits your abilities, do not venture or overestimate your strength!
  • If you have any doubts regarding a specific trail, ask for further information at the Park Administration or the Mountain Rescue Service.
  • Do not insist on driving beyond the access restriction signs!
  • Collect your own waste, do not leave it behind on the mountain!
  • During your hike, follow the official marked trails!
  • Admire the flowers but do not pick them!
  • Respect the wildlife, each has its own place in nature!
  • Respect the quietness of nature and the other visitors!
  • Do not camp outside the indicated camping sites!
  • Do not build fires elsewhere than at the camping sites, near the tourist chalets and in the specially designed places!
  • Do not damage the panels, arrows, mountain shelters, bridges or any other facilities!
  • Use the mountain shelters only for refuge in case of emergency, allowing others to save themselves from a dangerous situation as well!


For your own safety we advise you to hike only along the marked trails!

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