Camps and contests

The School Camps are designed for children to apply the information studied throughout the manual as well as for them to develop the skills related to mountain trekking and environment protection. The activities of the camps are carried out in teams of 5 - 6 children, each team being guided and supervised by specialists in ecology, geography and biology.

There are several types of activities focused on various themes:

  • Knowing the forest ecosystem (species identification, ecosystem functions, human activities and the impact upon nature)
  • Observations and measurements of several weather parameters
  • Geological observations and measurements, especially on the karst and calcareous ridge landscapes
  • Exercises and communication games, theme games
  • Excursions with elements of tourist orientation in the field, rules to obey on the mountain and first aid initiation
  • Art classes
  • Cleaning of tourist trails

Each year, starting with the year 2001, several camp series were organized involving approximately 400 pupils.The purposes of the contests are:

  • Raising the pupils’ interest in taking part in activities focused on learning and protecting the natural and cultural heritage of the area, through competition, games and experimenting
  • Strengthening the parks’ ecological clubs network and developing common activities
  • Recognizing and promoting in the media the efforts of the schools taking part to actions for the benefit of both the communities and the park as well

Each year the park’s administration organizes the following contests: The Crai Festivities, The Small Rangers of Piatra Craiului, The Friends of Piatra Craiului these contests involve not only the pupils from the ecological education program but children from the towns and villages neighboring other parks in Romania and also members of several mountain clubs.

Micii Rangeri ai Pietrei Craiului-2004 Micii Rangeri ai Pietrei Craiului-2004