Ecological education manual

The Ecological Education Manual and the additional children magazine were issued in two editions (in 2002 and 2005) and were designed to support the purposes of the ecological education program. The manual is being taught in the schools involved in the project (19 schools and high schools located in the towns inside and near the national park), as an optional object of study for the V and VI forms. "Carol Lehmann" NGO was also involved in the design of this manual.


The manual includes descriptions of the main ecosystems inside the national park and their respective species, and it was written as a story which crosses these areas. The second edition includes information regarding the Nature 2000 Network and the habitats and species which are protected within the Life Nature project, as well as aspects regarding the tourist and local communities impact on the protected area, all these elements contributing to an improved attitude of the pupils towards nature and its’ values. The manual also includes charts designed for classroom study. As for the practical side of the notions, the park administration organizes video presentations on various themes, and summer camps and contests.