Basic level water pollution analysis and identification of the pollution sources

Basic water pollution analysis has been conducted by a team of researchers from Aqua Terra Ecological Society. The studies have been conducted on the main rivers of the park: Bârsa Mare Basin (6 sampling points), Râul Mare al Zarnestiului (2 sampling points), Dâmbovita (6 sampling points), and Dâmbovicioara (3 sampling points). A total number of 17 sites have been sampled in order to assess the water quality by analyzing different parameters.
The following methods have been used:
- evaluation and observation of the buildings impact (especially tourist accommodations) and their sewage facilities;
- chemical parameters analysis using SERA and MERK mobile toolsets;
- aquatic habitats quality evaluation, using the Normalized Biotical General Indicator and BioMonitoring Working Party;

The results showed that the water pollution is still low, little bit increased in the southern sector of the park because of the villages. 
A total number of 32 possible pollution sources have been identified. Each identified pollution source has been evaluated. The results showed that are few pollution sources on park’s territory, represented mainly by households and sheepfolds. The study report is including at the documentation section.
The park rangers started the action of elimination of these pollution sources by controls in the field together with the Waters Administration representatives in order to apply fines to the polluters.