Caves inventory, mapping and closing

The cave inventory and mapping was completed. 
The final report provided by “Romanian Society of Speleology and Carsthology” contains a list of 800 caves; maps of 23 caves, considered as being important as habitats and as refuge for fauna species; recommendations for closing some caves and recommendations for management.
The research team dealing with caves inventory and mapping provided a list of fauna species identified in the 23 mapped caves.

The report contains also recommendations for the management of each of the important caves and maps with caves distribution. There are included also recommendations for closing certain caves, and some models for the gates which should be used in this purpose. These results were also delivered with the Interim Report.


Regarding the Ursilor Cave, it was recommended by the specialists to close it and not open to the large public as stipulated in the project proposal.

Inchiderea Pesterii Ursilor