Inventory, mapping and analysis of the climbing trails
For the fulfilment of this action an external consultant was hired (Andratec AG 2002). Because the consultant didn’t manage to meet the contract requirement, this was cancelled on 20th of October 2005. 
The consultant delivered the list of the climbing trails located in the Zarnesti Gorges area, and installed a number of 24 plates nearby climbing trails. There were also purchased a number of 100 gears in order to be installed on the trails for security reasons.

It was foreseen in the contract with that external assistance team to conduct de inventory, mapping and to provide climbing gears. We cancelled everything and kept the gears and those small plates installed (unfortunately destroyed afterwards). Finally a team of professional climbers who are realised everything for free, except the gear purchase (there was still need for some additional gears). They removed also the existing gears from the trails proposed to be closed and realised the topo guides (see tables) which were finally installed at the bottom of each group of climbing trails.
The new assessment revealed that there were still required around 200 additional climbing gears. There also identified four trails which are passing trough chasmophytic vegetation areas and they were closed (all the existing climbing gears removed).
There were evaluated a number of 39 trails located in the Zarnesti Gorges area. For the trails located in the Great Ridge of the Piatra Craiului it was considered as no longer necessary to be inventoried as all of them are located within the core area of the park where the climbing is no longer allowed. The list of climbing trails is included in the attached tables. For each trail was created a topo gide, which presents exactly the position of the trail the schematic shape, the difficulty degree, recommendations, weather conditions etc.
At the end all the trails from specific climbing areas were grouped in a single map, which was installed on a panel in the vicinity. The climbers will have the opportunity to evaluate which trail to pick up and also they will get the explanations for the reasons which conducted to the closure of some trails.






Analysis of the climbing trails

All of the inventoried climbing trails were analysed and lists of the trails, which were closed along with the description of the opened is now available. The main reason for closing the trails was related with the degree of impact of the climbers over the chasmophytic vegetation. The trails were grouped in three impact categories (high, medium and low) based on impact size, and those strong affected were closed and the climbing gears removed.
The climbing trail status report is included in the following links: Analysed climbing trails - Diana ; Analysed climbing trails - Zarnesti gorges