Closing the caves not open to the public

A number of 15 (as foreseen in the initial proposal) caves were closed: Big Prepeleac Cave, Cable Tunnels Cave, Bats Tunnel Cave, Doranca Cave, Dobrestilor Cave, Bad valley Up Cave, Bad valley Down Cave, Despicatura Cave, Stanciului Cave, Wolf Cave, Bears Cave, Arvatilor Cave, Devils Cave, Thieves Cave and Prepeleac Cave. This operation was done as recommended within the inventory conducted by the Romanian Society of Speleology (for each of the caves there were provided maps and drawings with the bars and arrangements). 
The problems that we faced regarding the closing of the caves was related with the destroy of some bar works and locks by the visitors who wanted to enter the cave. The Ursilor Cave was the most affected the entire bar works being replaced.
The action was successful and the access of the tourists in the closed cave is no longer possible, the bats populations and caves habitats being not disturbed.