Recovering the population of Ligularia sibirica

There were leased 750 m2 of land near Brusturetului Chalet in order to protect the population of Ligularia sibirica. 
A wooden fence was build in order to protect the population against the cattles and tourists. 
In order to recover the soil moisture, water from a small spring nearby the fenced area was collected. The entire area was equipped with pipes with small holes in order to assure the humidity required. The main problem that we are facing here is related with the theft of the installation which happened twice until now. The installation was immediately replaced. 
The evaluation of Ligularia sibirica population, located only in Brusturetului Gorges site, showed an increase of the population in 2007 compared with 2004, as a consequence the area fencing and restoration of the soil moisture. The fence stopped the tourists and livestock to enter the area. The population counting conducted in 2007 revealed the increasing of the population (from 244 in 2004 to over 670 in 2007).