Enforcing the management plan in the field

The implementation of the park management plans is done by setting up an annually working plan which is monthly revised and adapted. This plan is also approved by the Scientific Council of the Park. A key indicator of the management plan implementation is the Monitoring Plan, which gives answers and recommendations for the management actions by using 39 monitoring protocols. Of course not all of them are related with the LIFE project implementation, but the measures recommended by the inventories conducted in the project, as well as other actions or updates of some already existing proposed actions (before the LIFE project) are attentively and permanently monitored.
The field enforcement is mainly realised by the park rangers (6 persons), but other members are also contributing (park biologist, community outreach, public awareness specialist etc.). 
The approval of the Park Regulations in July 2005 has an important contribution (especially regarding the legislation and park administration prerogatives) to the enforcement of the management plan in the field.