Measures for the tourist trails affected by the erosion phenomena
The increasing number of tourists is affecting the habitats through the creation of many secondary trails on the calcareous grasslands. On the places affected by tourists on the tourist trails will be mounted managed mattresses, fences and wooden stairs in order to stop the soil erosion.

During 2005 summer several tourist trails have been renewed. The envisaged areas were those with soil erosion and many secondary trails. There is also a benefit for the tourist in terms of security and orientation. Along with this action the marks and signs of the trails were also renewed. The affected areas of the following tourist trails were renewed: Curmatura - Seaua Crapaturii, Curmatura - Saua Padinii Inchise, Curmatura- Vf. Ascutit shelter (approximately 500 meters, out of which 400 meters were equipped with wooden stairs and about 100 meters with mattresses). For this activity, also, the park personnel benefited from the help of volunteers from an organized camp, involving members of the CPNT (The Nature Protection and Tourism Club).