The Visitor Center of Piatra Craiului National Park is located in Brasov County, on the administrative territory of Zarnesti, on Barsa Mare valley, 1 km far from the center of Zarnesti.

The interior space of the Visitor Center is organized like a loop trail, what offers information on flora, fauna, geology, ridge and scree areas, caves, local communities and hiking / climbing trails within the Piatra Craiului National Park.

The exhibition area is realized in such a way that it can offer unique and emotional experiences to visitors. Therefore, due to the interactive way of transmitting information, consisting in text, pictures and videos, using LED displays and Kinect – motion sensing device, lights and sounds, visitors can discover and learn about the Park’s specific elements. Each monitor placed in the Center offers information on diverse themes which are presented as descriptions, short videos, picture galleries and puzzles. Also, within the Visitor Center a sheepfold, a model of a cave with characteristic geological formations and a 3D model of the National Park’s surface can be discovered. On the 3D model several different maps can be projected, like hiking trails, soil, rock and habitat types, ownership, land use and interior zoning.

The access ramp to the central area of the Visitor Center has a 6% inclination thus, it can be visited by disabled people. Also, the trail within the Center is designed for the visual impaired people too. Due to sounds and boards in Braille they can find out information on the protected area.

The Visitor Center had it’s opening on the 16th of April 2016 and it was established through the project SOP Environment “Improvement of the conservation status of Piatra Craiului National Park’s biodiversity, through awareness, information, visitation and monitoring”, financed from European Funds.